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Argos Receives Gold Medal Awarded by S&P Global in the 2022 Global Sustainability Yearbook

▪ Argos is recognized with the Gold Class distinction in the S&P Sustainability Yearbook, which highlights the companies with the best sustainability practices in the world.


▪ The company was included for the ninth consecutive year, thanks to its exemplary
environmental, social, and corporate governance practices, and for being recognized in 2021 as the world leader in the cement industry according to the Dow Jones Global Index.


▪ Grupo Argos, parent company, and Celsia, the group’s energy business, were also recognized with the gold and bronze awards, respectively.


For promoting and implementing excellent environmental, social, and corporate governance practices and for being recognized as a world leader in sustainability in
the construction materials sector by the Dow Jones Global Index, Argos, the cement company of Grupo Argos, received the Gold Class distinction in the 2022 Sustainability Yearbook awarded by S&P Global firm.


This recognition is a result of teamwork and the permanent commitment of Argos to build a better future in which the creation of value for society and for the company is our greatest motivation. We will continue to strengthen our initiatives and strive to positively contribute to the responsible development of our sector and the well-being of our stakeholders, to enable a more sustainable, prosperous and inclusive society.”
María Isabel Echeverri, Legal and Sustainability Vice President


This year Grupo Argos, parent company, and Celsia, the group’s energy business, were also recognized with gold and bronze, respectively.


“We congratulate Cementos Argos on its Gold Class Award in The Sustainability
Yearbook 2022, which showcases the best performing companies among industry
peers and in terms of financially material ESG metrics. With over 7,000 companies
assessed, an inclusion in the yearbook is a true statement of corporate
sustainability excellence.”
Manjit Jus, Managing Director and Global Head of ESG Research at S&P Global


Over 7,500 companies from 61 industries participated in the S&P Global Corporate
Sustainability Assessment and based on their results, were classified in the gold,
silver, and bronze categories.


Other initiatives that led Argos to obtain this recognition:


▪ In 2021, Argos shared its commitment to mitigating climate change through two
challenging goals: to reduce by 2030 CO2 emissions by 29 % in its cement operations
and, by 2050 to offer carbon neutrality, aligned with the Net Zero ambition of the
Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA).


▪ Currently, the company has three credits linked to the performance of ESG indicators.

▪ Adopts different sustainable transport alternatives such as: train, hybrid mixer
trucks, gas tractors and electric trucks.

▪ Implements the “Green Bags” program, which consists in the recollection of the
bags used by customers and then delivering them to companies that will reuse
them, following reverse logistics guidelines.


▪ Uses calcined clays and other supplementary cementitious materials to produce
low-carbon cements.

▪ Operates with renewable electrical energy sources, as is the case of the solar farm
in Honduras.


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