As part of its expansion and consolidation plan, Argos, a Grupo Argos company, plans to add to its aggregates production capacity in Colombia another 2 million tons by 2024 (currently 2.5 million tons by 2024). This will be achieved by setting up its own operations and strategic alliances. 

By 2022, the company expects to close the year with an EBITDA of 12,000 million pesos in the aggregates line, which would double the operating results achieved in the operating results achieved the previous year. 


This business has a great opportunity for growth, given that the estimated annual market volumes in the country are 130 to 140 million tons, approximately 10 times the cement business’s volume.


What are aggregates?


Aggregates are natural minerals such as rock, gravel, and sand. Their main use is in concrete, which is obtained by combining aggregates with cement and water. Also, they can be used for bases, sub-bases, and asphalt.

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