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Attending to market dynamics and with the objective of ensuring the competitiveness and sustainability of operations, better serving the market and strengthening the perspective of Puerto Rico as a logistics and export hub of the Caribbean, Argos, a cement subsidiary of Grupo Argos, transformed its business model on the island by combining the distribution capacity from the Maritime Terminal in San Juan and the processing at the Dorado Plant, with a new mixing and packaging system for the production of cement, as well as integrating resources from other nearby markets where the company operates to ensure the quality of the cement and the supply.  

At Argos, we make sure the name of Colombia stands high throughout the world and we are
convinced that this transformation results in benefits for our clients since we have the assets, the capabilities, the talent and all the passion to satisfy the island’s needs, all while strengthening our export vocation in the Caribbean, which makes this operation an important commercial maritime hub”

Camilo Restrepo

Argos Vice President of the Caribbean and Central America Region


In addition to the capacity acquired by the company with the new mixing system to offer an expanded portfolio of products, this transformation process included the installation of a modern packing machine at the Dorado Plant, which allows a higher yield (1,500 to 3,000 bags per hour) and with it a more reliable and timely supply, in addition to safer processes for its employees thanks to automatic blocking sensors.

This new packing machine also contributes to caring for the environment, making it possible to have a more robust packing system with a better final product presentation.


In the process of internationalization of Argos, Puerto Rico was the 15th territory to join the organization’s value chain.

In 2015, the company acquired a terminal in San Juan, and in 2017 it bought a production plant in Dorado, an operation that since the arrival of the company has had many and representative investments, changes and adjustments to make it more efficient and sustainable.


Internationalization allows Argos to generate revenue that in turn is reflected in dividends that reach Colombia and are transferred, in the vast majority, to all Colombians through the different pension funds.


In recent years, Puerto Rico has faced great challenges as a result of emergencies caused by earthquakes, Hurricanes Irma and Maria, and now COVID-19, and since its arrival on the island, Argos has constantly adapted to the different dynamics and has managed to support the reconstruction, recovery and development of the country through the preservation of 75 direct jobs and more than 450 indirect jobs, hiring 391 local suppliers, a social investment of USD122,362.00 in the last three years and participation in key projects such as the reversible lane of the PR 52 Highway, the Luis Munoz Marin International Airport runway, the T-Mobile District and multiple housing solutions throughout the island, among others.


In Puerto Rico, after so many difficult climatic events and the pandemic, the determined work of companies like Argos and the support of the government will generate good economic dynamics, infrastructure development and wings to other business and social sectors in the coming year


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