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Argos implements an innovative hydrogen injection process at its Honduran oven for a more sustainable operation

  • Argos Honduras innovates in its Piedras Azules operation with successful results in its hydrogen injection test at their oven.
  • The main objective is to reduce emissions levels and have a more sustainable and efficient operation.


Argos, a cement company of Grupo Argos, is implementing an innovative process by injecting hydrogen into the oven of its operation in Honduras. The main objective of this revolutionary and scalable technology is to reduce the use of fossil fuels, CO2 emissions levels, and energy consumption, which is in line with its commitment to climate change and contributes to a more sustainable operation while achieving an increase in production.


During the process, the hydrogen-containing oxygen is separated with electricity from the water molecules, then, through separate channels, the hydrogen and oxygen are injected into the furnace through the main burner.


 «We are proud to be committed to innovation and new technologies that allow us to keep our operation at the forefront of the industry. This project has allowed us to reduce our C02 emissions and optimize our processes to become increasingly efficient.»

Luis Eduardo Tovar, Manager of Argos Honduras.



The pilot test, which was carried out thanks to the support of the Portuguese firm UTIS, provided the following benefits: 

  • Increased clinker production.
  • Reduced petcoke consumption and, therefore, caloric consumption.


About Argos in Honduras


Argos in Honduras is a leading cement producer and marketer, with a track record of more than 40 years in the Honduran cement market and a source of employment for more than 2,500 people directly and indirectly in the country. The company has left its mark on the development of Honduras by participating in important infrastructure projects such as the construction of the CA-5 highway, the Second Peripheral Ring Road in San Pedro Sula, the new Central Bank of Honduras building, the Carretera del Sur highway, the El Cajón hydroelectric dam, and the Palmerola International Airport, among others.


Backed nationally and internationally by certifications and recognitions in sustainability, social responsibility, road safety, gender equity, and environmental management, Argos is a reference for its good business practices with a high sense of social, economic, and environmental responsibility.


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