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Cementos Argos will install the first industrialized plant for concrete modular solutions in Colombia

  • The plant will allow for the serial production of homes in concrete modular systems and will start operations at the end of the first half of 2022, with a projection of 500 homes built in the second half of the year.
  • The operation generates 60 direct and 300 indirect jobs.
  • In order to establish this innovative solution, Argos presents Soluciones Modulares S.A S


With the installation of the first industrialized plant for concrete modular solutions in Colombia, Argos, the cement company of Grupo Argos, will begin to produce and market modular solutions in concrete for building houses and infrastructures in series. The plant will begin operations at the end of the first half of 2022, allowing the construction of an estimated 500 homes by the end of this year. This endeavor will generate 60 direct and 300 indirect jobs. All this is part of Argos’ commitment to sustainable construction, climate change management, and value creation for its investors and stakeholders.


To this end, we have established Soluciones Modulares Argos S.A.S., a company focused on the production and marketing of prefabricated concrete elements and any other material, accessories or complements used in the construction industry. The production will be based on Off-Site systems, a widely cutting-edge technology, used in countries such as Japan, Sweden, and the United States.


“Modular solutions revolutionize the execution of the traditional structure and constitute a disruptive bet in the technology of construction systems, with high performance, efficiency and profitability. Modular Solutions also has the potential to reduce the construction times of the building systems by up to 50 %. Without a doubt, it represents a great innovation for our clients, with enormous opportunities in the housing and infrastructure segment and the closing of equity gaps.”

Carlos Horacio Yusty, Argos Vice-President of the Colombian Regional


The Off-Site construction offered by Modular Solutions Argos is an advanced method that allows the structure to be divided into individual elements and manufactured in fixed or temporary installations. They are then transported to the construction site and assembled to form the complete structure for the project. With this system, the critical activities of the construction process are transferred to a factory with a controlled environment and processes. This facilitates industrial production, transportation, and assembly, allowing the total quality of the structure to be controlled, reducing the amount of waste, improving sustainability practices, and integrating the construction value chain.


“With the proposed development, the construction of buildings and infrastructure works will only require the assembly of modular elements in an agile and efficient manner, ensuring high architectural versatility. In addition, BIM methodologies and technologies are integrated for the design, planning and construction stages, which allow for greater efficiency and effectiveness in the plant and on site.”

 Alexander Pedraza, Argos manager of the Central Zone




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