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  • Argos Cement facility in Roberta, AL, will convert to produce 100 % PLC by end of the second quarter 2022.
  • As part of the conversion to products with lower CO2 content, Wilmington, Statesville, and Durham, NC, terminals will also convert to 100 % PLC by the end of the second quarter 2022.
  • The company expects all its production facilities to convert to PLC in 2023 to support its customers with their sustainability efforts.


Argos is committed to continuing its efforts to deliver outstanding solutions and sustainable products to its customers. As part of this effort the cement company is announcing that its Roberta plant, located in Alabama, and its Wilmington, Statesville, and Durham terminals in North Carolina will transition their production and distribution to Portland Limestone Cement (PLC) by the end of the second quarter 2022. This transition to PLC, a lower CO2 intensive cement is part of its overall sustainability strategy to produce this type of cement at all its plants in 2023.


Argos PLC Type IL is a high-quality blended cement, engineered to deliver a comparable performance to regular Portland cements, while providing a lower carbon footprint. This product is manufactured with around 10 percent ground limestone, resulting in a similar reduction in greenhouse gas emissions when compared with Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) production. Argos PLC can be used in wide range of cement-based applications and cab be replaced on a one-to-one basis with traditional cement.


The Argos Roberta cement plant, when fully converted to PLC, is expected to produce over 1.7 million tons of cement per year servicing a range of customers through Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Florida.


To serve customers who are already using this product taking advantage of its environmental benefits, the company is also producing PLC at its Newberry, Harleyville and Martinsburg cement plants, located in Florida, South Carolina and West Virginia, respectively. These plants will continue offering our high-quality PLC product as an alternative across the southeastern and northeastern United States.


«We are excited to announce the transition of the Roberta Plant to 100 % Portland-Limestone Cement (PLC) Type IL. “With this transition we continue to support our customers and the industry on its road to lower greenhouse gas emissions. With PLC we are supplying a more environmentally friendly building solution for our customers, engineered to deliver an outstanding quality and performance while lowering our carbon footprint.”

Bill Wagner, chief executive officer of Argos USA.



Argos Cement takes great pride in being stewards of the environment and has been recognized by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) for the ninth consecutive year as a global benchmark in sustainability in the construction materials sector. Argos intends to continue to lead the promotion of PLC in the southeast United States to build together a more sustainable present and future.



Argos USA is a high-quality cement and ready-mixed concrete company serving the eastern states and Texas. A proud history of innovative products, unparalleled expertise and exceptional customer service has made the company an integral partner to its customers in residential, commercial, infrastructure and other public works applications.

Through a combination of innovation and dedication, Argos has been able to participate in major projects including the Mercedes Benz Stadium, the Beltline and Children’s Health Care in Atlanta, High Point University in North Carolina, Walter Tower, a Houston Methodist Hospital building in Texas, and so many more. Also, Argos has developed one of the largest and most diverse bagged product portfolio in the markets where they have presence and it’s a leader in the production of color masonry cement and mortars. The company is proud of its status as a long-term contributor to community growth and takes extra pride in the positive impacts they bring to surrounding areas as environmental stewards and safety advocates.

In 2005, Argos USA began its operations to the United States. By 2011, the company became heavily integrated into the Southeast, establishing its U. S. Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia. Since then, with over two thousand dedicated employees, four cement plants, 190 ready mix plants, two grinding mills and 19 ports and terminals in the United States, has developed and introduced new and innovative solutions to the market.

Cementos Argos S.A. is a growing multinational concrete and cement company with an established presence in 16 countries and territories. Cementos Argos has built an outstanding legacy for over 80 years, earning its reputation as the number one cement and concrete manufacturer in Colombia and one of the top companies in the United States and in the Caribbean and Central America.


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