this report

At Cementos Argos, we work every day to create value for the Company and for society. In this line we present our Integrated Report, through which we present the main results of the period between January 1 and December 31, 2021, as well as the strategies defined to achieve them.

Scope of the data reported

The data include the activities of the Companies, the figures of which are consolidated in the Financial Statements of the Cement, Concrete and Aggregate Businesses in Colombia, the United States and Caribbean and Central America regions. (except where indicated otherwise).


COP 3.747,24

External verification

Deloitte Asesores y Consultores has carried out the independent verification of this Report and their report may be found in the Appendices Chapter of the Integrated Report.


The content focuses on the material issues identified in the strategic, competitive-review process and dialogues with Stakeholders that we carried out in 2019.

Currency of figures reported

Polombian Pesos (COP) for the figures associated with the operations of the Colombia Region and the Corporate results, and United States Dollars (USD) for the results of operations in the United States, the Caribbean and Central America.

Frameworks used for the construction of the Integrated Report

  • IIRC, International Integrated Reporting Council
  • GRI Standards, regarding the general basic contents
  • SASB, Sustainability Accounting Standards Board for the construction industry
  • GCCA, Sustainability Guidelines and Reference Indicators for the Global Concrete and Cement Association (GCCA) Industry, under the option of extended compliance
  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)


We establish constant communication with those around us in order to create value in the territories where we operate. We are committed to strengthening relationships of trust through our Relationship Policy with Stakeholders, so that interactions are governed by transparency and open dialogue, facilitating joint initiatives that contribute to the development of all.


At Argos we believe that to generate value it is necessary to build relationships of trust based on dialogue and mutual knowledge. Therefore, our Materiality Exercise is a fundamental axis that allows us to identify priority issues for sustainability management in the short and medium term.


If you would like to learn more about our sustainability strategy and its lines of work, please visit the following link.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

At Argos we are committed to the SDGs 2030 and their universal purpose of leaving no one behind, protecting the environment and promoting alternatives that help all people have sufficient opportunities to lead a dignified, peaceful life.

For this reason – and based on our ability to contribute directly to the different global challenges that each of the goals represent – both our Sustainability Strategy and the management of the different material issues are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals.