At Argos, we are aware of the great importance of managing climate change and the transition to a low carbon economy, and we understand that to achieve this goal, we must work together. That is why we are providing the Green Solutions portfolio to our clients, a set of products and solutions aimed at strengthening our value chain and mitigating the impact of our operation from the production process to the final disposal of our products

Cements and concretes

with sustainable


That promote adaptation and circular economy:

This category includes products that use materials from other industries in their production process or those that during use and application contribute to a longer useful life of the works thanks to their durability and strength, which in the long term reduce the consumption of non-renewable natural resources.

Some of the products found in this portfolio have a particular contribution to sustainability certifications such as LEED, Casa Colombia, or Edge, due to their sustainability characteristics.


That contribute to well-being and comfort

these are materials that, due to their architectural and color characteristics, reduce effects like urban heat island.

Igualmente, Argos ofrece productos que aportan a la mitigación de los efectos negativos en las ciudades, confort y bienestar para las personas, entre otros. Puedes consultar las fichas técnicas aquí:


with sustainable characteristics



We structur a portfolio of solutions for handling the packaging of the company’s products, which allows customers to reduce their waste.



Provide customers a digital platform with services that allow them to access information on certifications and benefits of sustainable construction.

Visit our Green Solutions portal, which includes access to product information, a carbon footprint calculator for your projects, among others



A sustainable solution focused on local infrastructure construction needs.

It includes the Soil Stabilization Use Cement, which allows to improve and stabilize with greater efficiency, offering control over the resistance, among other variables. It is ideal to work in pavements that are less susceptible to damage.