Value Added Statement to Society


Impact assessment is the monetization of positive and negative externalities derived from our operations that are not reflected in the Financial Statements.


At Cemenntos Argos, we have developed a model that we call the Value Added Statement to Society (VAS), based on the KPMG True Value methodology, which allows us to convert social, economic and environmental impacts to US Dollars and, thus, determine our value generation to society


In 2020, we generated 3.34 times more value to society than the benefit we retained as a Company. This means that – even in extreme situations, such as the pandemic – Argos is a generator of value for all its stakeholders.

The economic value generated in 2020 was USD 751.4 million, primarily marked by the payment of salaries and benefits and taxes.

We generated social value equal to USD 849,525. More than 90% of our social investments made in 2020 were allocated on supporting the prevention of COVID19, strengthening health systems in the countries where we operate, contributing to the food security of neighboring communities and promoting economic stability.

In 2020, the costs avoided to society for the use of alternative materials and fuels was USD 25.3 million.

Net value
To Society