Talent management

At Argos we inspire transformation through the growth of our talent. We encourage the development of passionate people with the purpose of making housing and infrastructure construction dreams come true to consolidate prosperous and inclusive communities in all the territories where we are present.  Similarly, our culture pillars represent the values ​​that enable commitment to change and achievement of objectives to achieve sustainable results and superior growth.


Additionally, we attract, retain and develop our talent through programs aimed at strengthening the employee’s experience and promoting leadership styles allied with sustainable growth. All of the above within the framework of labor practices of the highest standards where inclusion, respect for diversity, the right to free association and the integral development of people are fundamental and that guide our actions.

  • For society:  To transform our society through the development of people who are aware of their environment, who transcend and create value with each of their actions.  To attract, retain and develop employees willing to make a difference in the societies they impact.  The foregoing under criteria of diversity and inclusion and behaviors that transcend our operations and generate well-being and positive impact in the communities.


  • For the Company:  To consolidate a great team that embraces change as an opportunity and creates shared value in collaborative work environments.  We do this by attracting, retaining and developing the best talent to face current and future challenges.  To strengthen talent management as an ally for business growth that provides innovative solutions in a clear balance between profitability, social development and environmental impact.

Implementation of the Hybrid Work Models


During 2021, gradual returns to workplaces began.  For the Administrative staff, this meant the adoption of a hybrid model, adjusted to the country’s regulations or based on a model of Innovation at Work, for those countries that did not have such regulations.


A total of 674 people participated in telework, distributed by countries, thus:  575, Colombia; 36, Honduras; 51, Panama; 12, the Dominical Republic.


Strengthening Virtual Training


During 2021, the Virtual Training Program was strengthened through different platforms and internal trainers.


We achieved a total of 278,022 hours of training, of which 117,415 were virtual, representing 42% of the training total.


We want to provide the best experience to employees to achieve the fulfillment of our goals and our higher purpose. To do this, the Talent Management Strategy focuses its work on three lines:

  1. Attraction, retention and development of the best talent: The goal is to have the right people in the right place. We are aware of the importance of identifying the Company’s needs and employee interests. We structure and develop programs through which we identify and evaluate our talent, their priorities and goals.
  2. Development, maintenance and strengthening critical competencies: We have training programs to develop, maintain and strengthen critical competencies at each stage of employee development. With these trainings, as with our Performance Management Program, we enhance their progress with the accompaniment of their leaders.
  3. Promotion of high standards in work practices: The respect for and promotion of diversity and inclusion guarantee the construction of a multicultural, interdisciplinary Company, in which we all contribute in a unique manner. We are committed to guaranteeing the right to freedom of association, equal participation in processes, and respect for diversity.