Occupational Health and Safety

Comprehensive health and safety are the most important values ​​in our operations. Every day we make consistent progress towards achieving ZERO incidents and ZERO occupational illnesses, aware that our commitment transcends beyond our facilities and materializes in the well-being of everyone around us.

  • For society:   To contribute to the development of Safe and Healthy Territories, sharing our experience through our employees, contractors, and their families as the main spokespersons for the way we do things based on our values.


  • For the company:  To accompany and recognize the behaviors, practices and initiatives of employees and contractors to remain safe, healthy and achieve the objectives set out in the SISO 2025 strategy.



With the biosafety protocols very well established and operating strictly since the previous year, the management of COVID-19 during 2021 focused on people, defining vaccination as the main control strategy.  Thus, actions were established to quickly guarantee Employee access to vaccines in the different countries.  Along these lines, we organized technical-information sessions with experts, mass vaccination sessions in conjunction with local Governments, direct acquisition of biologicals where the legislation allowed it, and channels were activated for the individual registration of the application of doses.  By 2021, the Company has 5,625 fully vaccinated employees.


“Safe Points” Checkpoints


Due to the acceptance of the “Safe Points” Program, alliances with local authorities and unions that intervene on the roads continued, to accompany drivers by raising awareness about self-care and the care of other road actors. Reinforcing the basic factors of mobility in driving, analyzing both the driver’s physical and emotional conditions, the technical-mechanical conditions of the vehicle, the road infrastructure and the safety recommendations for the prevention of incidents, all of this was carried out in more than 22 Safe Points, in which 1,596 road actors were approached (passengers, pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, freight transport drivers and public service).

We continue to implement our Safety and Health strategy consistently to achieve our Goal of ZERO, ZERO Incidents and ZERO occupational illnesses, focusing on the following 4 pillars:  


  • LEADERSHIP AND RESPONSIBILITY: We share our vision on health and safety and make sure we all understand, take responsibility and empower ourselves to achieve and sustain Zero.


  • DEVELOPMENT OF COMPETENCIES IN RISK MANAGEMENT: We work so that we all know the risks and apply the control measures that prevent occupational injuries and illnesses.


  • COMMUNICATION AND CULTURE: We inspire work teams to choose to work safely and healthy, applying, understanding and being aware of consequences of the fulfillment or not of adequate management.


  • OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE: We continuously learn and improve, sharing our best practices and promoting health and safety as a habit and a value that permeates everyday actions and decisions.