Efficiency and productivity

We materialize our Corporate Strategy through actions aimed at the efficient use of resources, the improvement of our financial flexibility and the maximization of income generation and business profitability.  We focus on the application of efficient, safe production processes and circular economy models, on the diversification of energy management models and on the efficient management of the supply chain.

  • For society:  To provide solutions and products that meet the needs of our clients through the responsible, appropriate use of resources and the incorporation of raw materials and alternative energy sources.


  • For the company:  To guarantee business sustainability, optimize working capital and capital investments, reduce costs and the level of indebtedness, and mitigate risks regarding the availability of resources necessary for our operation and the emergence of new business realities, environmental requirements and new regulations.

To manage the efficiency and productivity of our businesses, we define key objectives and goals, which seek agility, flexibility and profitability, through the following lines:


  1. Operational Excellence: Through which we seek to adapt production processes to new market challenges and move towards digital transformation. For this, we focus on operational efficiency, optimization of production, and logistics and transport processes, as well as the implementation of circular economy models.
  2. Energy Efficiency: We permanently seek electrical and caloric efficiency in production processes, which have an impact on the commitment to mitigate climate change, through the adoption of Corporate Strategy Guidelines.
  3. Circular Economy: With the incorporation of waste and by-products from other industries as raw materials or alternative fuels to reduce the environmental impacts generated by the use of non-renewable natural resources.
  4. Logistics and Transportation: Taking into account the logistics context of each region and taking advantage of our resources and geographic location to improve delivery times and reduce costs.