Adaptation to market dynamics

Aware of the challenges we face as a society and of the importance of being part of the transformation of the industry, at Argos we are committed to the continuous improvement and innovation of our business model and our production processes, in order to continue being strategic allies of our clients in the construction of housing and sustainable infrastructure.  To achieve this goal, we analyze market demands, expand the offer of products and services with sustainability characteristics and maintain our high quality standards that characterize us.

  • For society:  To respond to the needs of housing, improvement of quality of life, inclusion and infrastructure, in order to facilitate the development of sustainable, intelligent and interconnected cities that respond to the current challenges facing the planet.

  • For the company:  To respond efficiently to new market dynamics and position ourselves as industry leaders through innovation.

During 2021 we had revenues of US$1.515 billion from products with sustainability features, almost doubling our goal of US$800 million in 2030. For Argos, the challenges facing humanity are an opportunity to rethink ourselves as a company. We believe in our capacity to provide solutions to our customers in a responsible way for the planet. This is why, during 2021, we focused our efforts on the review and detailed classification of our Green Solutions portfolio, resulting in this great achievement for our clients.  


Digital Solution


Firm in our purpose of delivering extraordinary solutions to clients and becoming their best allies, through Argos ONE we integrate the different digital services that we offer them, simplifying and streamlining their interactions with our Company through an omnichannel experience that orchestrates the complete process from taking the order to payment.


Industrialized Solutions


Cementos Argos has technically and commercially developed Modular Concrete Solutions in the country, an Off-Site construction system, which stands out worldwide for the numerous success stories that constantly demonstrate the categorical benefits offered by these solutions including high construction performance, efficiencies, profitability, sustainability and social impact.




We seek to respond to a changing world through innovation and the delivery of solutions that contribute to sustainable construction. For this reason, in 2021 our United States regional office set out to expand the market for this portfolio product, seeking - by 2022 - to increase the production, promotion and sale of Argos PLC Cement.

To achieve our objectives, we focus our efforts on four lines:


  1. PORTFOLIO OF PRODUCTS AND SERVICES WITH SUSTAINABILITY CHARACTERISTICS: This constitutes the offer of value to our clients, which differentiates us in the market, through the offer of a portfolio of green solutions that included products with sustainability characteristics; services such as Green Sacks to manage packaging aimed at reducing waste; constructive solutions, such as concrete flooring; as well as technical advice, training, agreements, integrated logistics and the personalized designs of services that contribute to this objective.
  2. DIGITAL CHANNELS: This is a strategy that includes different channel proposals through which we reach the market to guarantee our clients access to our products and solutions. This includes the application of different digital trends that leverage improvements in the client experience and facilitate and streamline each of their interactions with our Company.
  3. NEW BUSINESS MODELS: These are those initiatives adjacent to the value proposition that represent new business opportunities in the construction sector.
  4. FUTURE INITIATIVES: These are the projects in the validation process, a feasibility study being tested, with which we plan to adapt to the future dynamics of the sector.