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In Argos we are committed to give Green Light to transparency.

In order to comply with the business conduct code, the transparency hotline was design as a communication channel with the Audit Committee, and to reveal all those circumstances that undermine an adequate conduct of those of us who interact with Argos and that are ruled by the guidelines established in the Code of Good Governance. 

Transparency Hotline is an efficient way to report complaints of irregular actions that arise in the development of business channel as well as a reference tool for anyone who has concerns about our processes of transparency behavior to express their views so free, either their own name or anonymously

The channels were design to report events that impact or might impact the Organization, and the compliance with the law and the business conduct and Good Governance guidelines.All questions and reports received through the Transparency Line are subject to strict criteria in terms of confidentiality, objectivity and respect, and reprisals are in no case accepted.