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Argos’ product portfolio is the most complete in the market in the cement industry. With cement and concrete, Argos’ products can boast quality certificates and strict production processes that ensure compliance with normativity, with variety and innovation being constant factors within the wide range of products that we offer.


Cement is a fine powder that is obtained by heating a mixture of limestone, clay, and other substances until reaching very high temperatures. It is a material that reacts with water and acts as an agglutinative, possessing both adhesive and cohesive properties and thus producing very resistant compounds.


Concrete is the material that results from mixing cement with aggregates and water. When the concrete is fresh, it can be given any shape, and when hardened, its characteristics change, turning it into a material that is durable and that can support mechanical stresses such as compression.


Concrete aggregates are products obtained by grinding different types of rock, gravel and sand. Together with water and cement, they make up the trio of ingredients necessary to produce concrete.