Our promise

Our business strategy, which focuses on the end customer, allows us to know and understand our customers, to define differentiating value proposals that meet their needs, to comply with international standards and to develop plans to build up customer loyalty and retain customers, linking the market with the brand.

As part of our value proposals, we develop a commercial and technical infrastructure aimed at advising our customers on the use and applications of our products.

In Colombia, Panama and the United States, we have a free customer service line to process requests, order scheduling, questions about general information and complaints and doubts of customers. Thanks to our knowledge on the market, our product and service portfolio is one of the most complete ones in the industry in the region, which makes it possible to meet the needs of our customers and to create a clear differentiation in said market.

Argos Innovation Center

  • Argos has created a place of convergence for the cement and concrete industry’s challenges and academic solutions, promoting the discovery of new ways of using these materials, which are key to development.