Microalgae Project

Since 2008, the company has been working on a project that seeks to capture carbon dioxide using microalgae. The research intends to consolidate the bases for developing a sustainable technology.

Biomass Project

This is a long-term project that is focused on developing an alternative and renewable fuel stemming from the cultivation of energy crops of different species of trees, bushes, and grasses.

The Argos Innovation Center

The Argos Innovation Center, which is being developed together with EAFIT University, is one of Argos’ most important projects.

CO2-Capturing Concrete

Argos incorporated innovative technology in its concrete manufacturing process, recycling carbon dioxide by chemically capturing it inside its products.

Sistema Verifi

The Verifi System has been implemented successfully with 9 different clients, both in the USA and in Europe.


From more than 30 years, the cement industry has implemented co-processing, a process that aims for the substitution of fuel and raw material fuel by residues.